Timberland PRO TriFlex TiTAN® XL Work Boots with Safety Toe

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Featured Review: (by Randall), Except for the Special “three blade” traction lugs coming off from the bottom of the shoe, which is a MAJOR DEFECT with the shoe, it appears high quality. You will need to wear thick socks with this shoe so it feels comfortable. You will also have to break in the leather as it is stiff to begin with and is a little heavy. I am hoping that this shoe will last at least a year as I am a heavy walker at work and get around alot of dirt, oil and water. I am sending this shoe back to Timberland for Product Warranty. They sounded good on the phone and we will see how they handle this situation and how long this takes. Bad part is I have to go out and Buy another working shoe.

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PRO TriFlex TiTAN® XL Work Boots with Safety Toe, 1.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

1 Review

  1. Auto worker says:

    This boot is the worst boot I have ever owned. It hasnt even been a year and these things are garbage. Im horribly upset that this boot is a timberland boot. The tread on the bottom is falling off as I walk. The inside is distroyed. Furious that I paid the money for a quality boot and got the quality of a 25 dollar pair of boots.